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12 Senior Consultants, 18 years of experience

Eotim helps you to settle, recruit and manage your HR so that you can focus on your business

Our solutions :

  • High-Tech Recruitment Solutions

    • Permanent or Portage Solutions
    • Technicians, Engineers, PM
    • IT Support teams
    • IT Developers (Java, .Net, Php etc.)
    • IT Sales & Executive Search
    • Adverstising & Headhunting Campaign Solutions
  • Generalist Recruitment Solutions

    • Permanent or Portage Solutions
    • Recruit your first local employee(s) - no local company needed
    • Sales managers, assistants, Telecanvassers
    • Payroll & accountant specialists
    • Support, Executive & Top management profiles
  • Human resources and Payroll Solutions

    • Payroll & portage Management
    • Recruitment Trainings (eg how to use social networks to recruit)
    • HR Support line
    • Payroll Management
    • HR & Recruitment consulting to deliver pragmatic solutions
  • Employer Branding Solutions

    • Build or improve your employer branding
    • HR Communication solutions to attract the best candidates
    • HR Community management, Strategy, Multiposting, Recruitment Partnerships
    • Recruitment events organization & presence
    • HR & Recruitment communication consulting

Employer Branding Solution : Eotim & Squarelabz

The ability to attract and retain the best talent in the market is key for any organisation, but never more so than in highly competitive sectors where niche skill sets are in high demand.

Our employer branding solutions helps your company to improve relationship with existing and potential employees, and external stakeholders through the effective communication of the brand's values, personality and culture and creating a strong employer brand.

  • Dedicated HR Communication Team
  • Squarelabz : communication Team
  • Eotim : Recruitment Team
  • Squarelabz & Eotim working closely together in the same open space
  • Expertise in both Communication & RH/Recruitment
  • Pragmatic solutions : audit & strategy, community management, recruitment partnerships, events, social media expertise, web, mobile & infographic creations, team building & training, cooptation improvement

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